Glow is an installation project created by Kate Wilson, Katherine Winitana and Kayla Aranga. It’s purpose is to start a comfortable conversation and remove the stigma around depression. The installation includes an eight speaker surround sound set up and a glow in the dark theme aesthetic to shed light upon a subject that needs more attention. 


Kate’s role in Glow has been lead technician. As well as having done extensive research into surround sound methods, she also engineered and recorded all the audio used in the project, mixed all the audio to be played across eight speakers and executed the VBAP set up for the installation. 

glow green.png

The challenges and realities of those living with mental illness can impact greatly within a community whether that is at school, university or work. Therefore, our mission is to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging individuals to start the conversation and to feel comfortable when talking about mental health. 


Glow invites individuals to reflect and share their own experiences in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. Our unique exhibit encourages self-reflection and offers individuals an opportunity to creatively express their story and to celebrate their journey in overcoming the challenges they once faced. In doing this, we hope those attending our exhibit can understand the triumphs and tribulations of those who have been impacted by mental health in some way.

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